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The person known as "CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS ZUPP" has been a larger-than-life figure in our family's history. There have been many stories told; both by and about him. Many of his descendants, and other interested researchers, have studied what records there are. Many of them are conflicting.

A majority of researchers have relied upon the infomation found in a publication called "Biographical History of Crawford, Ida & Sac Counties, Iowa" and in another "Ida County Book". These are very interesting books, with very entertaining stories in them. Perhaps some creative journalism went into the preparation of them. We have no idea, now, who it was that supplied the information for the write-ups on the individuals portrayed.

There have been references to Chris Zupp's Civil War record. The only problem is that the Grand Army of the Republic never heard of him. His brothers John, Henry and George served their country very honorably.

Of course, one of the best stories is the one about the snake. There is no way, now, to know if that is true or not. But it surely is a great story!

His obituary shows how greatly he was held in esteem. Even though the 'facts' given there differ from the "Biographical History of Crawford, Ida & Sac Counties, Iowa" and from the Ida County Book -- as well as from what is documented.

So, to that end, we have assembled what is known about Chris -- and the extended Zupp family.

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